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February 2011 Photos: I am so happy to share with you some photos of Gabriel, Eymi and Nicolle, three children in Cristo Rey Lutheran church who celebrated their First Communion last month. There is also a photo of a worship service we had on the beach. (It is still lovely summer here). And there is a photo of two members, Andrea and Roberto, on the roof of Cristo Rey near the bell tower, painting the cross. (Click here to view photos)

Activities: We have a program for the youth, women, men, and a Sunday School. The women's league is called "Liga Femenina." They are a small group of women in our congregation (click here for a photo) who meet faithfully every Monday night. They begin by singing 8-10 hymns, then they read a couple of devotions out of little books, then they study a chapter of the bible for at least an hour with lively discussion, then they each pray extensive, heartfelt prayers. Then they wrap it up with the Lord's Prayer all holding hands. Before going home, they share bread rolls with margarine and strawberry jam and hot cups of instant coffee or cinnamon-clove tea.

On August 17, 2008, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of our church!

Actividades: Programa con jóvenes, escuela dominical, mujeres y hombres.

Present Situation: We have an annual budget of about $14,500, of about $8,700 is for the pastors salary, payments of taxes, social benefits and administrative expenses.

Situación presente: Cuenta con un presupuesto anual de S/50,000 nuevos soles, de los cuales generan un ingreso propio de S/.30,000.- nuevos soles para el pago de su pastor, pagos de impuestos, beneficios sociales y gastos administrativos.


  • Calle Conde de Nieva 237
  • Urb. La Virreyna, Surco
  • Lima 33, Perú
  • Teléfono (Church) 011-511-278-0169
  • Fax. 011-511-274-5154
  • Email: Pastor Dana Nelson

Congregación Evangélica Luterana Cristo Rey - Evangelical Lutheran Congregation Christ the King

The Evangelical Lutheran Congregation Cristo Rey (Christ the King) is part of the Peruvian Evangelical Lutheran Church. Cristo Rey was created in 1988 inside The German Lutheran Church in Lima as an Spanish Congregation for the not German speaking people. With the time Cristo Rey developed into an independent Peruvian Lutheran congregation and since 1990 we have had our own chapel in Surco, Lima.

Today Cristo Rey has about 100 members, we have The Children’s Sunday School Programme, The Teen’s Programme, House Bible Studies, The Men’s Gathering (Saturday morning for breakfast), The Women’s Ministry (Monday afternoon). Also we help young people with our Social Programme for Scholarships. With this programme the young people without economic resources for paying studies in a College or University receive a grant from the congregation.

In 2002 Cristo Rey started the process of entering the Peruvian Evangelical Lutheran Church (ILEP), and in March 2004 we became a full member of the ILEP.

Our congregation has developed a missionary programme in the south of Lima, where we have founded two new congregations (Vida Nueva and Cristo Salvador). We also helped with the creation of the first Lutheran Congregation in Trujillo (600 km. North of Lima).

If you are in Lima someday, visit our church.
¡Bendiciones! (Blessings)



Calle Conde de Nieva 237 Urb. La Virreyna
Alt. 42 Av. Tomas Marsano - Surco
Lima, Perú
Teléfono: 011-511-424-6959
Email: (Spanish)
Email: (English)

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